Thursday, August 13, 2009

Saturday with Our Friend Parker

I am a little behind on this post, but last Saturday we went to our friends house to let our little girls play together. Robert went to college with Kevin Duffy...they were in the same fraternity together. Kevin married a beautiful girl named Jenn and they have a precious little girl named Parker Joy. Her name is perfect for her because she is so full of Joy. I have seen so many pictures of Parker and Jenn and I have been trying to get together with the girls for a while now and we finally worked it out for last Saturday. Robert and I went to their house for lunch and let the girls play, well as much as a 6 month and 4 month old can play. I think that Georgia Kate really wanted to figure out the whole crawling thing because Parker was so good at it. They had fun together and I think they will grow up to be good friend. Let's hope so anyway!
Friends from the start!
They were talking to each other

Georgia Kate

Sweet little Parker Joy

The girls were so cute together! They were reading to each other.

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