Monday, March 28, 2011


Georgia Kate started making this face out of the blue one day.  We aren't sure where she learned this face, but we thought it was pretty darn cute. Now if we ask her to make "the face" she will do it on command.  Pretty cute!

Bath Time Fun Time

Georgia Kate and Cooper had their first of I am sure many baths together! They had so much fun...oneday they will hate these pictures I am sure.

Could you be any cuter! 

23 Months Old
Georiga are the light in our life. We are so in love with you and love to see how you change each day. You are getting so big and you LOVE to do everything on your own. You always tell us "me do it". 
 You also can repeat almost anything we say. I thought you would never talk and you are now busy talking all the time. We have had so much fun with you and look forward to all the fun times ahead!

Always remember that Mommy and Daddy love.  You also have so many other people that love you too, but most of all Jesus loves you. 
Georgia Kate loves her Daddy so much. I am so glad that we have such a wonderful man that loves Jesus and loves us! He is a great Daddy and we are proud of him!

Strawberry Pickin and a little catching up!

Strawberry Pickin!

Georgia Kate had the best time and I can't wait to take her back. If you live in the Orlando area this is a great "cheap" family fun day! We went one Saturday morning and had the best time with Georgia Kate.  She loves strawberries so she would just eat them off the vine!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Georgia Kate's First Birthday Party

I have never linked up to Kelly's SUYL Friday series, but I love to plan a party  so I thought I would particpate this weekend!

I had so much planning Georgia Kate's first birthday and I am in the process of planning her second birthday. We did a pink and green cupcake theme for #1 and we are planning a pink and orange "tutu" theme for #2.  I can't wait to share all the pictures from that one, but for now here are the pics from our first birthday party.

We had the party at my inlaws house.  It was a beautiful day outside and it was nice to hang out around the pool and celebrate our precious little angel.

This is a look at the backyard where we had tables set up for eating and toys for the kids to play with

These cups and then the napkins were two of my favorite things that I did for GK's birthday party.

I have to admit that we did have the Margarita Machine at our child's first birthday! 

We gave polka dot syrofoam cups for party favors! The kids got playdough and a cupcake cookie cutter. I don't have a picture of those.  The reason we did the cups is because not a lot of my friends have children and we thought it would be nice to have something for the grownups!

This is the table that we had set up with the cake on it! I loved everything about this table!!!!
The Cake!

My cousin painted this picture for her party! It was perfect for the special occasion.

This is the banner that I made that hung on the wall above one of the food tables. 

I did pictures of GK from 1 month to 12 months. I love the little cans that I put them in.  I found these in the dollar section at Target! They were perfect for the event.

YUMMY YUMMY cookies from my favorite cookie place in Orlando...Cookie Cousins!

These were the centerpiecs that I made for all the tables in the backyard.  I got the balloons from Balloons-N-More in Orlando.  They were so cute!

of course!!!!!!! The most precious birthday girl in her cute little cupcake bubble!