Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Morning...Finally!

Putting Cookies out for Santa.  We decided that Santa would be tired of milk by the time he got to our house so we left DDP out for him.  I am sure that he appreciate that so much!

 Helping Gogo make reindeer food to put out so that Santa could find our house!
 Helping Uncle Ross make reindeer food.  She wanted him to help her and go outside to put the food out!

Georgia Kate needed a bite before she headed out to put the reindeer food out!

 Uncle Ross and Georgia Kate...isn't it great how a kid can make Christmas time so much fun?  i am not sure Uncle Ross would put on a Santa hat for too many people.

 Gogo and Georgia Kate

Mommy, Daddy, and Georgia Kate

 D-dan and Georgia Kate putting out reindeer food.  We had so much fun with our little one this year. 

Santa came to our house!!!!

Georgia Kate was so excited! She knew something was different.  She had the best time coming into the den and seeing what Santa had brought her. 

She loved her kitchen! She played and played and played some more!

Gogo got her a Bitty Baby from American Girl.  She loved it and still loves it.  Her and Gogo named her Holly and Georgia Kate walks around the house saying "Hottie".  We have an Aunt Holly that will be glad to know that she can say her name!

Playing with her cousin Campbell.  They had matching outfits and they were so cute in them.  Campbell is about 6 months older than GK. She is helping her open some of her presents.