Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day at the Park!

We went to the park the other day with Georgia Kate. I didn't think that she was old enough to really enjoy it, but she had a BLAST. Robert got off work early and met us there to play. It was a nice surprise to have Daddy at the park too. Georgia Kate loved swinging, walking on all the equipment, and her favorite thing was the slide. She slide down and then try to climb up it. The teacher in me wanted to say "down the slide, not up it!", but I guess I will save that for her kindergarten teacher to tell her one day. Let's let her have fun while she can! Soon enough people will be correcting her.

Happy Valentine's Day...I know we are a little behind on blogging!

Georgia Kate had a really good First Valentine's Day. Daddy was gone most of the day, but he sure was excited to see his girl when he got home. She wore her heart dress, ate a heart shaped quesadilla (Specially made by Dad), and even took a bath in pink water! I think she was treated pretty good this year!

Good Night World...I had a good Frist Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Down the Middle of Maint Street USA!

My precious baby girl loved Disney as much as I do. Robert and I bought the tickets because there is a deal going on for Florida residents. We can go 4 times for $100. may see more post of Georgia Kate at Disney. We had a blast our first time there. I cna't wait to go back with her.
The priceless face of Georgia Kate while riding "It's a Small World". She loved it and that was her face the entire tim.

Mickey and Minnie

Sweet little girl playing with her hat!

Georgia Kate got to meet the princesses.

Mommy and her girl. I think that Georgia Kate loves Disney as much as I do!

It was soooooo cold! We thought it was going to warm up, but it only got colder! Luckily we were bundled up.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it.

Robert and I joined Summit Church about a month ago and soon after we got Georgia Kate dedicated to the church. We have been visiting different churches since we got married and never really found one that we both liked. It was either too big or too small or not like what we were used to. I do have to say that Robert and I are grateful for our parents that raised us in the church and taught us to love Jesus. We are two VERY lucky kiddos! We actually met working a christian sports camp together. God is good all the time. OK...back to the subject at hand! We finally joined Summit and we LOVE it! It is a great place for us to worship together. Here is a picture of our pastor Issac talking to and praying over our precious Georgia Kate.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Months Old

Georgia Kate is 10 months old already! The first birthday is right around the corner. She is getting so big and changing so much. She is trying to walk and can stand alone for a while. She has 4 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth almost all the way in. She loves to give high fives and do patty cake. She crinkles her nose when she laughs and has the cutest laugh I have ever heard. We now have skype to keep in touch with our family in Ruston and Georgia Kate LOVES it. She knows exactly what is going to happen. She goes crazy until we get someone on the computer. I love this little girl more than I ever though possible. She is just precious!

Our Unexpected Trip to Ruston

Georgia Kate and I had to travel to Ruston a couple of weeks ago for an unexpected visit. My grandmother called me at the beginning of January to tell me that my Papaw had a brain tumor and that he was going to have to get it removed. Initially I wasn't too concerned and didn't really face the facts that we were dealing with the monster of cancer. Well...a couple of days later we received more information and it was pretty serious. So...I decided to fly to Ruston with Georgia Kate and spend some time with my family. It was hard to get it all together, but I am sooooo thankful that I decided to go. We had the best time and I got to spend some quality much needed time with my Papaw! He is such a special man and I am so thankful for him. He came through the surgery ok and after some chemo and radiation things should be ok for a while. Please pray for him. In the meantime...check out these precious pictures of Georgia Kate with her family in Ruston!

She figured out how to take her pants off! Gogo looked up and this is what she looked liked!