Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Another Day

Today was just another day. I did go to school and work for a little bit and got some things done in my classroom. I have soooooo much to do before I start school, but I am sure I will get it all done. I have to admit that it is difficult to get things done with a 4 month old. I can't just run up to the school anymore and work for the day. I have to find someone to keep Georgia Kate. Thankfully today my precious Aunt Annie kept her for the day. I got a lot done! Annie will be keeping Georgia Kate this fall when I have to go back to work. Robert's mom will also be helping out one day a week. So we are very lucky that she won't have to go to a daycare. Well...that is all for today! It was kinda a boring day around here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Screamin Owl Salsa

I love this salsa!!!! Screamin Owl Salsa is a salsa that is made by the children at the Methodist Children's Home. I was first introduced to this salsa back in the fall when my brother brought a jar to my mom's house while I was in town. I couldn't really eat too much of it because I was pregnant and the sight of ANY food made me sick to my stomach. So...since having Georgia Kate it has quickly become my favorite salsa. My grandparents came to Orlando last weekend and brought me a WHOLE case of it. I was so excited and need to slow down on the salsa eating. We have had chips and salsa every night since the arrival of "the" box! Thanks Memaw and Pawpaw!

Fun day with Friends and Family

Tuesday was another rough day for Georgia Kate. She still was a little fussy and had a low grade fever. Those darn shots really mess her up. I think she is starting to feel better. She slept alot and even ate alot yesterday. She did have a special friend come over to visit her today. Robert's Aunt Holly has a precious little niece on the other side of the family name Kate Willey. I love her name and it fits her perfectly. She is a cute little girl. When planning her trip to Orlando to see her grandmother and Aunt Holly she made a list of all the things that she wanted to do while she was here. Well seeing/playing with Georgia Kate was on her list. So we set up a play date and Kate came over to play with Georgia Kate. Luckily she was on her best behavior. We laughed, played, and even took a short nap during Kate's visit. Kate also brought her a precious outfit for when she gets a little bigger. I can't wait for Georgia Kate to be able to wear this precious outfit.
Kate and Georgia Kate
Kate Willey, Georgia Kate, and Aunt Holly

Georgia Kate has started eating rice cereal and applesauce with a spoon. Robert has never been brave enough to feed her. Finally today I was cooking dinner and it was time for Georgia Kate to eat so he took the plunge and decided to feed her. It was a little messier than usual, but I think that Daddy and Daughter had a fun time eating!

Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Clint came over to eat dinner and see Georgia Kate tonight. We were at the beach for a week and then they went to North Carolina for a week so it had been a while since they have seen her. Aunt Maribeth was so excited to hold little Georgia Kate. She brought her back a special toy from a toy store that Uncle Clint used to go to when he visited North Carolina as a child. It was a teething ring and we put it in the freezer and we will bring it out later today for Georgia Kate to chew on since she is in the middle of teething. I know that it will feel good on her little gums that are so swollen. Thanks Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Clint.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funday Monday!

I am trying to get in a routine of blogging about our days. Now that I have gotten in the grove of blogging it is getting easier and easier. I still really want to get the comment section worked out on my blog so if you have ANY advice on this I would appreciate it greatly. I have tried to fix the settings in the Comment section, but no luck. I hope soon you will be able to comment on my blog. yesterday we had to go to the doctor for Georgia Kate. She had to get her 4 month shots. It is always so sad to take them to get shots. She HATES them and screams at the top of her lungs for several minutes. It seems like several hours! We get home and her fever is already spiking up to 102. AHHHHH!!!! If you are a mom you know how fever really makes them feel so bad. She pretty much just slept on me or next to me for most of the day. She did sleep pretty good. She has been sleeping through the night and she did wake up once and needed a little TLC. We got her back to sleep and she slept until 8:45. WOW! She has never done that before. Hopefully today will be a better day. We will see!

Hey all you teachers out there. I know we are all bummed that the summer is coming to an end and the school year is about to start in full force. I have to admit that I am really ready to go back to work. I am glad that I feel this way because for now I really need to work and not stay home. I think that I will do much better when I can have a schedule and get up and go to work every day. I love my baby, but I love my job too! I may not be saying this come August 24 when I have to leave Georgia Kate in the morning and not see her until 3:30! That will be a really long day away from my baby. She will be in good hands with Granmarie and Annie. Hope you have a happy week!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Smiles!

I took this picture Saturday at the Farmer's Market and I thought that her little personality really showed in this picture. Isn't she precious!

Queen of the Bed!

How cute are these pictures?
Tonight before we put Georgia Kate to sleep, Robert put her in our bed to hang out for a little while. She looked like the queen of the bed. Little bitty Georgia Kate in our big ole' bed!

Georgia Kate Gets a Special Visit...

Georgia Kate had some special visitors this weekend. My grandparents (Memaw and Pawpaw) called earlier in the week to see if we were up for a visit. I was so excited to hear from them and even more excited that they were planning on coming to see us all the way in Orlando. We had so much fun and I was glad that they got to spend some one on one time with us, but especially their precious great-granddaughter. Those times are precious! We showed them all the ends and outs of Orlando. We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and they LOVED all the flowers, vegetables, and other fun things. We took them to all our favorite restaurants and places in Orlando. We had a blast! Thanks for a great visit.

Friday, July 24, 2009

4 Months Old!!!!

Happy 4 Month Birthday Georgia Kate! I can't believe that Georgia Kate is already 4 months old. She is growing up so much and has really developed a personality. Robert and I have had so much fun with her over the last few weeks. She is starting to sit up, laughing, reaching for things, and even cooing a whole lot. She has found two or three favorite toys and those go with us EVERYWHERE. If we leave the house without them...we turn around. One is a Baby Einsteins Octopus that teaches her the colors and sings as well. His name is Octo! The other is a crab that teaches her the numbers in English and Spanish. His name is Pedro...her daddy feels the need to name all her toys. Oh what fun! Wonder what her dolls will be named? I don't stand a chance! She has her daddy wrapped. It is fun to watch Robert with her...he is becoming more confident with her and has really developed a cute relationship. Can't wait to see what comes next. Stay in touch!

Happy 4 Months GKS

Doesn't she look so big...when I took this same picture at 3 months she couldn't hold her head up.

Little Huggums...Gogo gave her when she was born.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to be a "good" blogger and I have to admit this is very hard for me, but I am trying to keep everyone in touch with what Georgia Kate is doing on a day to day basis. Although I never seem to post as often as I should. Hopefully I will get better at it as I have more and more practice. here is the real question...I have tried and tried to get the comment section on my blog to work. I have been told by the girl that helped me with my header and background that there was something wrong with my html or something. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? I am so stupid when it comes to all this computer stuff and these special codes! As you can tell on a previous post I can't even get my slide show thing to work right! If you can help please send me an email at! I would appreciate it so much.

Georgia Kate's Beach Pictures

One night Robert and I decided to get Georgia Kate all dressed in white and take a few pictures of her on the beach. I can't wait until next year when she will be able to walk around and be a little more mobile. But needless to say we were really surprised at how good these pictures came out. Sarah and my mom came down with us and Georgia Kate put on a show for us. As you can tell she is laughing and having a good time at the beginning and then she is a little upset at the end. All in all she did a GREAT job and Mommy and Daddy were proud. I can't wait to print some of these pictures out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pearce Beach Party

Me, Robert, and Georgia Kate packed up and went to the beach last week with my family. We had a blast and enjoyed being around all my family for the week. It took Georgia Kate a while to adjust to the new surroundings and new faces, but once she settled in all was good. Here are a few pictures from the week. It was so good to be with my brother and his wife and kids. They are so much fun.

Lolita Glass Swap

Every year we buy beach "happys" for everyone at the beach. This year we decided to do a Lolita wine glass swap. I love those glasses and we had lots of fun playing the stealing game. We all got precious wine glasses. I can't wait until next year to get new glass.


OK....we got matching shirts for the third family vacation in a row. is tradition for us to wear them out to eat and then go bowling. As you can tell our family picture has grown and everyone is NOT looking at the camera. This year our theme was "Another Day in Paradise". It was a lot of fun! The waitress at the restaurant that we went to said..."I have never waited on a family reunion before". Yes...we are crazy, but lots of fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Georgia Kate's First 4th of July!

We were at the beach for the Fourth of July this year. We were with several of our couple friends and we had a blast. On Friday night we decided to go out to eat and I knew that Georgia Kate was not going to be with me on 4th because Granmarie and Stubaby were keeping her for our. So I decided to dress her in her precious little smocked flag dress. She looked like a doll as usual and we had a blast with her. This first picture is of Robert and Georgia Kate right after a bottle. She was catching a little nap before her big night out. I thought this picture was priceless.

Aunt Maribeth and Georgia Kate
The Family

Mommy and her little girl!

Georgia Kate with all of Mommy's Friends

Mr. Hunter holding Georgia Kate

Mrs. Amy and Georgia Kate

My First Beach Trip

Robert and I took Georgia Kate to the beach this weekend. We had a blast! We went for the fourth with some of our couple friends. Georgia Kate stayed with us on Thursday and Friday night. We went to the beach on Friday morning with our precious little girl and she snoozed and then enjoyed some fun in the sun. She did so good at the beach. On Saturday morning Robert met his parents and they kept her on Saturday night so we could have a little break. It was nice to not have to worry about our little one, but we were ready to see her on Sunday afternoon. It was weird not having that responsibility.