Thursday, August 6, 2009

I think my life my have just gotten easier...

Georgia Kate started using her exersaucer (not sure if I spelled that right) today. I was talking to my mom this morning and I was frustrated because Georgia Kate used to LOVE her swing and Boppy seat, but just recently started to fuss every time I put her in either one. Mom said that she probably wants to sit up and that I should try the exersaucer. Well...we had a sweet friend give us their old one so that I could take it to Annie's house this fall. Annie is Robert's aunt and she is going to be keeping Georgia Kate this year for four days a week and then Ann, Robert's mom, is going to keep her for one day. She will be in good hands. So...I went and got the one that my friend gave me and Georgia Kate LOVES it. I was so excited. She just laughed and played in it tonight for a while. She is getting sooooo BIG!
By the way... I have one more week with GKS before I have to go back to work. I know that I am ready and want to go back to work, but it is going to be hard to leave my little angel for the WHOLE day. I love her in the mornings and we won't have that fun time anymore. I told her that she would have to be "laughy" and fun in the evenings now! Hopefully she understood and listened!

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