Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Louisiana Christmas Part Two I am warning you! This is a major picture overload, but I do this blog so I will remember the special times with my family.  I may not always do it in timely manner, but it eventually gets done! I do hope that one day I will be so much better at this blog thing.  I guess it takes time to get in the routine of thing! goes a recap of our Christmas Eve with the Pearce Family.
Every Christmas Eve from the time that I was born until now has been spent with my mom's side of the family.  I have only missed one year of the Christmas Eve tradition and I have to say that it was one of the hardest Christmas' I have had yet. I am sure that the time will come for us to stay home and start our own traditions as the "Stuart" family, but I will always remember and treasure these specials times with the Pearce's!  I am extremely close to all sides of my family and love all of them! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many people that LOVE me and my sweet husband and daughter.  So cheers to the Pearces, Garbarinos, Kilpatricks, and Stuarts!  I am one lucky girl!

Ok so my mom and I went shopping one day while Georgia Kate was taking and nap and we left Daddy in charge! This is what I came home too! I couldn't help but laugh.  He didn't think that GK needed any pants or dress on.  It was quite chilly outside so he did have properly dressed with her fleece, but the tights with nothing else cracked me up!

 Enjoying her new ride! Gogo had this at her house when we go there.  Georgia Kate loved it and rides it all the time.  She has become a pro at driving her new vehicle. 

 Gogo got GK a pillow pet.  I knew GK would love the pillow pet, but didn't know that she wouldn't want to put it down.  We named her sweet dog Daisey! She loves it and I have to take it out of her bed every night before we go to sleep because she refuses to go to sleep without it. 

 My sweet brother and his precious wife Sarah.  She around 37 weeks pregnant in this picture.  I wish that Baby Reeves would have joined us while we were home for Christmas, but he came just a few weeks after this and is the most precious, perfect baby.  I will post pictures soon.

 Georgia Kate loved this little roudolph stuffed animal that was at my aunt's house. She kept going up to it and giving it eskimo kisses! 

 Playing with my Melissa and Doug cupcakes that Gogo gave GK for Christmas.  She loved them and Aunt Sarah sat and played with and GK loved it.

 My brother and Robert!

 My sweet baby girl! I love her so much!

 My cousins were playing the Wii and they were so funny to watch! I think this picture says it all.

 Brandon, Ross, and Reeves! This is my brother and my two cousins.  They were all born in 1990 and they are "the three little boys".  Its funny because we still call them that when they are all in college.  They are super close and got to LSU together. 

 I love this picture of Georgia Kate and her Daddy! 

She loves her Gogo and her Gogo loves her!

 My favorite part of Christmas Eve! It was so fun to share this time with Georgia Kate this year!

Most of the Pearce cousins!

My, GK, and my sweet Gr'Nana. It was so good to see her and spend some time with her during the holidays!


This makes me smile...I loved being able to give my sweet baby girl gifts this year.  Looking at the card makes it so real that we have a child that is ours that we will love forever and ever.

When I was a little girl my mom used to give me and my brothers new pajamas and a stuffed animal for Christmas.  This was one my favorite traditios that our family has.  So...I started this year with Georgia Kate.  She got a new pair of Kelly's Kids pj's and a cute pink "jellycat" pig.  I love Jelly Cats.  If you haven't ever seen them you need to look them up! They are fabulous!

Georgia Kate loves when Ddan gives her all of his attention.  We were playing a game and Ddan was in charge of keeping GK happy.  He even bathed her for us and let her play in the bathtub forever! She loved being with him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Louisiana Christmas...Part One

We traveled to Ruston this year for Christmas and had so much fun being with my family during the holidays.  We left the Saturday before Christmas so we got to spend a whole week in Ruston visiting friends and family.  We had the best time just hanging out with the people we love.  Georgia Kate was a great traveler and she even did really well while we were away from home. Gogo enjoyed her specials morning "toon" time with Georgia Kate while she drank her coffee and Georgia Kate even got to open an occasional gift or two.  I must say that Georgia Kate hated to come back to reality!

This is Georgia Kate's new thing...she likes to make her "surprised" face!

 Georgia Kate loves her Aunt Sarah.  We are waiting so patiently for baby Kilpatrick to arrive.  We don't know what it is yet, but we will find out soon.  Sarah is going in on Thursday for an induction.  I know she and Ryan will be great parents.  I can't wait to be an aunt again!

Elfkin cam all the way to Ruston to watch Georgia Kate. She was so surprised to see the same elf at Gogo's house.  He even brought her some beignets one morning!

My sweet girl eating her breakfast! She loved all the cooking that Gogo did for her.  We had some of our very favorite things while we were in Ruston.

Georgia Kate is opening up one of her favorite Christmas gifts this year.  Gogo got her the Melissa and Doug cupcakes.  She loved them and they are such a good toy for kids to play with.  She also got the donuts from my aunt Missy and then the pizza from my Aunt Sherri.  She loves playing with all of them.  My sister in law got her the donuts too, but we exchanged them for some more Melissa and Doug toys.  Melissa and Doug toys were the hit at our house this Christmas