Monday, March 30, 2009

My Support Team For a Long Labor and Delivery

Robert and I checked into the hospital on Sunday, March 22 and finally had a sweet precious baby girl on Tuesday, March 24. Needless to say I had a big support group to help me through the long labor and delivery process. After 23 hours of labor we finally ended with a c-section and God answered our prayers and blessed us with a healthy Georgia Kate Stuart at 8 lbs. and 4 oz. 20 1/2 inches long with a head full of hair. I know I am partial, but I think she is the most beautiful baby girl in the world! I wanted to thank all the support team that got us through the three days of pre-labor and labor.

The Support Team!!!!!

Robert was such a trooper. He was by my side every step of the way with support and encouragement. I know it wasn't easy sleeping in chairs and on uncomfortable beds.

I was so glad that my mom got to make if for the delivery. Her and Ryan drove to Orlando on Saturday. I am so lucky to have such a fabulous mom. I hope that Georgia Kate and I will have the same relationship that I have with my mom. She is my best friend.

Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Candy (Clint) were there for support too.

Ann and Annie were patiently waiting. Stubaby was there as well, but I don't have any pictures of him during the "waiting" process!

Aunt Georgia and Ryan were there for the occasion as well. Aunt Georgia and Annie couldn't stay away and had to come sweet Georgia Kate make her debut into this world.

Uncle Ryan was so sweet to make the trip to Orlando and bring Gogo. As you can imagine he offered much entertainment to all of us. I am so glad that he was there, but I am so glad that he was not there after the c-section because I am afraid I would still be in the hospital trying to get things stiched up from so much laughter.

Although Uncle Daniel, Aunt Piper, D-Dan, and Uncle Ross were not at the hospital they were there in spirit. Piper was such a good phone source for support and encouragement throughout the whole process. There were so many of you that were calling, texting,and praying throughout the three days and I am so thankful for friends and family. We are very lucky to have such a HUGE support system to lean on.