Monday, August 10, 2009

Gameday Here We Come...

Growing up in the south there is one thing that I look forward to every year. FOOTBALL! We love football and I have to admit that I think I get just as excited as Robert does when August rolls around. It means that the season is almost here. This year will be very different for us. We are both used to going to EVERY game and not worrying about anybody but ourselves. Well little Georgia Kate has changed our plans a little bit. We now have to find babysitters for Georgia Kate. We are planning on going to a couple of games this year. I think one of the most fun things about game day is coming up with "what to wear". is one of my "game day" dresses. My grandmother got it for me when she came to visit. I also have another dress that I am getting that my friend Helen Martinez made. I haven't gotten it yet, but plan on having that dress as an option as well. Georgia Kate also has some options for game day as well. She has to dress the part too!

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