Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween From the Cutest Gator Witch Ever!

We had so much fun tonight with our precious little Gator Witch! I was so proud of her costume. Robert's mom made the tutu and the hat! She looked like a doll.

Mommy and Daddy with their baby girl

Georgia Kate and Stubaby

Georgia Kate and Granmarie

Annie letting her pick out her candy!
Wonder what she is headed to?

This is when we should have stopped, but we were determined to hang in there just a little longer

Where is Georgia Kate?

Precious baby girl

The cutest bag ever!

Go Gators...Beat Georgia!

This was a fun Saturday with our girl! She has on her precious smocked gator dress! Yes...she does have on her gator panties as well. We love our little gator girl!

Daddy is so proud of his girl!

Night Time Stories

Georgia Kate loves to be read to. Daddy reads to his girl every night. She will sit there for several books. She even laughs and points to all the pictures. I know...she is sooooo smart! HAHAHA!

Our Evening Routine...So Much Fun!

We start our "getting ready for bed" routine around 6:00 every night. We keep it pretty much the same! Georgia Kate gets to eat a fun little melt away cookie while I get her dinner ready . We are eating all kinds of food for dinner. Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Carrots are just a few of our favorites! She is also eating apple rice cereal at every meal too in hopes that we gain a little bit of weight. She still has a hard time keeping it all down, but she is a WHOLE lot better. After dinner we are usually a mess...
So we head straight to the bath! We are still taking our bath in our little pink plastic tub that fits in the sink. We tried the big bathtub and I don't think that she was quite ready for that. She feels safe and secure in her little tub for now. She LOVES bath time!
She is getting to where she loves to play and spit bubbles and just be silly in the bath. I love that she is such a happy baby in the bathtub. I told Robert that we will probably be spending lots of time on our knees in the bathroom. I am sure that we will have to put a timer in there so she doesn't turn into a prune.

Then after bath time we get to play some more! I love this time of the night because it wipes away all the fussy time we had before now! She seems to be so happy after her bath and she is just so darn cute in her pajamas! I love pajamas!!!! She is crawling into our bedroom and I am sure that she was headed for trouble. We are having to watch every move she makes these days!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As I have mentioned in previous post Georgia Kate is crawling EVERYWHERE! Robert and I love it because she can entertain herself and follow us around the house. It is really cute! I had a chance to catch a little bit of the action the other day! Excuse mine and Robert' s voices!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy 7 Months!

Happy 7 Months Georgia Kate! We love you and you have totally blessed our lives since you were born! We are so proud to be your Mommy and Daddy and can't believe that you are already 7 months old. Your smile brings joy to our hearts and your laugh is contagious! Daddy and I just start laughing when we here your precious laugh. We never dreamed that you would be this much fun.

You are crawling nonstop now!
You are eating all kinds of babyfood and even eating a few things like peas, green beans, and mashed potatoes. You love to eat the "real" stuff. You still aren't a big fan of your formula bottles and I think you tolerate the babyfood because you know that mommy and daddy really want you to be a good eater.
You are crawling all over the house and pulling up on EVERYTHING. You pull up in your bed and when we come in your room after a nap or in the mornings we see your big smile.
You are starting to like the car a little bit better. We moved you to the big girl carseat!
You know that when Mommy gets the camera out you are supposed to smile.
You laugh a lot and it makes me so happy.
You are playing with all sorts of toys and can entertain yourself for a while on the floor.
You still love your exersaucer and you even like you cool new jumper.
We got you an umbrella stroller and you like that too.
You are growing up too fast!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun I went a little overboard! I took a ton of pictures at the pumpkin patch because I was so excited to be there! I have always dreamed of the day that I would be able to take my little boy or girl to the pumpkin patch, pick out a Christmas tree, and on an Easter egg hunt. I love the holidays and I am so glad that I have a precious little girl to start sharing all these fun times with! Georgia Kate had so much fun with all the pumpkins!
My Precious Baby!
Picking out a pumpkin with Daddy

She loved this part of the pumpkin patch

Picking out a pumpkin with Mommy

"Which one am I going to get"
Big Smiles!

Stubaby and Granmarie came to the pumpkin patch too!

All Smiles with Mommy and Daddy

So cute! Little girl next to a big pumpkin

Georgia Kate's New Trick

This is what I walked into the other day after nap time! I guess I better watch out. She is pulling up everywhere and crawling all over the place!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bare With Me

Below you will find a bunch of new post! I have been so busy and I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog lately. I hate it because I have such big plans to have this blog made into a book and I also like the idea that his blog keeps my friends and families up to date in Ruston! Hope you enjoy all the new things going on in our life! Happy reading!

We have an Aunt Sarah !

We can oficially say "WE HAVE AN AUNT SARAH!!!!". Yea!!!!! We are so excited about the news! Ryan, my brother, asked Sarah to marry him. Georgia Kate loves Aunt Sarah and can't wait for her to be in our family.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ryan! I love my Uncle Ryan so much and I am so excited about his news!


Robert and I went to Ruston (Camelot) this past weekend. We had such a good time and got to see so many fun family and friends. I love all these pictures! It took Georgia Kate a while to warm up to all these fun people, but she was loving them all by the end of the weekend.
Ddan and Gogo with Georgia Kate
Gogo and her girl

Aunt Sherri and Georgia Kate

Tootsie, Georgia Kate, and Caroline

D-Dan and Georgia Kate! She is showing him all her fun little cookies she gets to eat.

Four Generations!

I have been dying to take this picture since I was pregnant with Georgia Kate. This is four generations! I really wanted to have a professional picture, but I have never been able to work it all out. I took this little snap shot when we were visiting my grandmother. I love it and I think that it turned out perfect!

A Visit with Gigi

Robert, Georgia Kate, and I traveled to Ruston, Louisiana last Thursday. We had been planning on going to the LSU/UF game in Baton Rouge for several weeks now. I was really excited at first and then I decided that I really just wanted to "Go Home". I love Ruston so much and miss it terribly. I wanted to go eat at Log Cabin, Shop at the "cute" little shops that they don't have here in Orlando, I wanted to walk into a store or restaurant and just know someone, but most of all I really wanted to see my family. I love them so much and miss them so bad!
Just recently my grandmother, who had lived with my family for 13 years, just moved into the Russ House. The Russ House is an assisted living facility. My mom, aunts, and cousins fixed up her room and made it into the perfect place for my grandmother. I wanted to be there so bad when they were moving her into the Russ House, but I couldn't make the trip. We even had a "ribbon cutting" for her. I know my family is crazy, but I love them so much!!!! With all this to say I got to go see Gr'Nana and her new pad! She loved seeing Georgia Kate and enjoyed being around her. Here are some pictures from our visit with my grandmother.