Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Santa Visit

I have had so much fun this holiday season. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog about it. I have waited for this day for so celebrate and share my Christmas traditions with my sweet baby. I have been so excited about all the Christmas traditions and excitement that I get to pass down to Georgia Kate. As a little girl my mom always did such a good job to make Christmas such a special time of the year. I feel like she did so good with teaching us the true meaning of Christmas. She also created so many fun things for our family to do during this special time of the year. One thing that we always did was go visit Santa Claus int he mall. Well...I am one lucky girl that gets to go to Downtown Disney and visit their Santa. Robert was out of town and as you can imagine...Santa at Disney on the weekend creates a disaster. So...GK and I treked out to Downtown Disney to get some pictures. Annie and her family joined us and we had a great time with Santa, a little bit of browsing, and we ended our night with a chocolate shake from the Ghiradelli. YUM! This isn't a great picture, but the professional ones I got are precious.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun Times with our Cousins

Here are some fun pictures of Georgia Kate and her cousins. Lots of pictures, but they are so stinkin cute!
Eating Fruit Loops!
This was the best shot with the matching pj's! cute could that picture have been?!?!?!

Ddan monitoring the girls. It seems that we can only get eating pics of GK and Campbell Bess

Yum Yum...Johnny's Pizza. Can't come to Ruston without having Johnny's Pizza a couple of times. GK loved it!

I love this picture! How cute are they with all their nieces and nephews.

Campbell and Aunt K

Sliding with Mommy

Precious GK in her coat and hat.

My precious niece Campbell...look at those beautiful blue eyes

Thanksgiving in Camelot...I mean Ruston!

We spent the Thanksgiving Holiday in Ruston this year. My sweet brother Ryan calls Ruston Camelot. I like to refer to it as that as well. I love Ruston and miss it terribly. I love my life and my family and friends in Orlando, but I would head back to Ruston in a flash. I just love my family more than you know. But I do have to say...I have a GREAT family here. They are way better to me than I deserve! Thanks to the Stuart's!
We had a pretty laid back Thanksgiving. Georgia Kate and I flew to Ruston on Monday morning and Robert drove on Wednesday. We hung out at home and just relaxed with family. We did get to hang out with my little brother Ross.(Who is not so little anymore). He was home from LSU (Geaux Tigers!) and it was so nice to hang out with him. We also got to see my grandmother who I love so much. It makes me sad to see her age, but that is how God designed for life to be. She loves Georgia Kate and I am so gald that she has gotten to see her. What an amazing woman of God I have gotten to see as a roll model. I also got to visit with my mom and Danny (2 of the best grandparents in the world). GOSH...I love my mom! She is amazing and the strogest woman I met! Thanks mom!
The reason that we traveled this year for Thanksgivng is because my brother got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife from San Antonio were in town and it was great to spend some time with them and their children. I love those kids so much! Being an aunt is the best job in the world...especially when you have Campbell and Cooper as your neice and nephew. I am doing a post with some pics of will see those soon! Sorry for so many pictures, but I couldn't pick just a few!

I know she is mine, but how precious is she and how cute is this dress?

She loves her Uncle Ross and her Uncle Ross loves her!

Georgia Kate and Gr'Nana

All the ladies
My beautiful mom

Me and my handsome husband

I love fires! We got to build one Thankgiving morning in Ruston. It was quiet chilly!

My sweet baby girl doing what I love to do most on Thanksgiving Day...Watching the parade!

Gogo loves her girl

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Fun Time!

We had professional photos taken a couple of weekends ago. Robert and I had the best time with Georgia Kate and the photographers were AWESOME! If you live in the Orlando area they are Pennington Photography based out of Jacksonville. Mark Pennington is the photographer and he did a fantastic job...and of course he couldn't have done it without Joi. She made all of us smile! Thanks for a great session. I had a hard time picking some to put on the blog so you have several to look through. The others will be on our Christmas card!

This is one of my favorites! You will probably see this on our Christmas Card!