Sunday, June 28, 2009

Georgia Kate's First Birthday Party!!!!!

Georgia Kate had her first birthday party to go to yesterday. It was a monkey themed party and GKS has the cutest pink and white striped dress with little hula monkeys smocked across the front. It was the PERFECT outfit for her to wear to the party. As you know I got very excited about it and so glad we a dress to wear to the party.
More about the was our friends Crissy and Eric's little boys first birthday. His name is Mckinley and he is precious. They have another little boy named Jamison that is just as cute! The kids got to make monkey cupcakes and of course play with all the fun toys. Georgia Kate was so good and had a great time. She just watched everything going on and even giggled a little bit. Then by the end of the party she was pooped. She sacked out and took a rest on Mommy's shoulder!
Georgia Kate taking a little rest at the end of the party! She was pooped!

A great shot of our precious little monkey dress!

Daddy and Georgia Kate

The birthday boy eating his cake!!!!

The family!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Georgia Kate Rolled Over!

Friday morning I went into Georgia Kate's room during her morning nap and much to my surprise she was laying on her back in her bed. She sleeps on her tummy because of her reflux issues and frankly she just sleeps better on her tummy. She was so proud of herself. I was so proud of her. I though these were the cutest pictures I have taken of her in a while. I LOVE the way she is laying and smiling at the camera.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Waking up after Morning Naptime

When Georgia Kate wakes up from her morning nap she is so cute. She will lay in her bed and just laugh and smile. Below are some pictures of her waking up after her long morning nap. You may want to start from the bottom picture and then make your way up to the top. I think that she is precious.

Giggling and loving life

When she realized that I was standing there she started putting on a show!
I walked into the room and she was just laying there happy as can be.

GKS Turns Over!!!!

Georgia Kate turned over today! YEA!!!!! Never thought I would get so excited about something so small. I just so happened to be walking into her room during her nap time to make sure all was OK. When I peeked over her bed to check on her she was wiggling around. I stayed and watched for a little bit thinking that her nap was coming to an end, which was depressing because she had not been asleep that long. I stayed and watched and she turned over on her side and then onto her back. I got so excited that I ran to the bed and probably scared her a little bit. She was so proud of herself though. She was just laughing. Of course I got on the phone and called Daddy to let him know about the big milestone in Georgia Kate's life. She is getting so big and soooooo much fun to play with.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marvelous Monday

Yesterday was such a fun day with our little one. She is starting to get such a personality and really laughing and playing. It makes it so much more fun to play with her. She is starting to play with her Tummy time mat as well as starting to really reach for things. She loves a fan...she could sit and watch a fan forever. I also purchased Praise Baby DVD. It is GREAT!!! I high recommend it for your little one. She sat and watched the whole thing and never budged. She even got upset when it was over. It was nice for me too because I didn't have to listen to those dorky baby songs on Baby Einstein's DVD. It was all praise and worship music. Hope you enjoy our Monday pics!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Weeks photo shoot

Here are a few pictures from Georgia Kate's photo shoot last week. I decided since she loves the morning time so much that I should try to take pictures then when she is smiling and laughing. I got a couple of cute ones, but we need work on looking at the camera when she is in her bed. She is almost three months old. We will have an update of those pictures soon. I love the ones of her naked on her boppy pillow. She is adorable...or at least I think so.

I have found my fist!!!!

Georgia Kate has officially found her fist. She tries to put the entire hand in her mouth. I thought I had a thumb sucker on my hands, but I am afraid it may be a fist sucker. I will check on her in the middle of the night and she will be sucking on it. I guess it is better than that big ugly pacifier that the hospital gave us and we can't seem to get rid of it. I think she will still be sucking on it when she goes to kindergarten. She has a cute one, but she doesn't like it!

Robert and I were playing with Georgia Kate yesterday and she started laughing. We are having so much fun with her. She is growing and really coming out of her shell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under the Weather

Georgia Kate has been a little under the weather lately. A little over a week ago GKS started running a low grade fever. The fever would spike at night and then go away during the day. So finally on Monday I decided that I should call the doctor. Well...the doctor wanted us to come in since she had been running it for several days. They checked her ears, throat, and even tested her for RSV and the flu. Her ears were clear and everything else came back negative. SO!!!!! Where do we go from here. Well, the doctor decided to take a urine sample and test for a urinary track infection. The test came back positive in the office so they sent us to a pediatric clinic to put a catheter in her and take her blood. It was terrible!!!! Georgia Kate screamed for 45 minutes straight when they were trying to get her blood. It was so sad that I had to leave the room and my mom and Robert stayed with her and held her down while they continued to try to get blood. FINALLY after about 10 sticks they got enough blood to send off to be tested. We got a Rocefin shot that night in each leg and had to go back to the doctor on Tuesday and Wednesday to get shots as well. By Wednesday she had quit running a fever and we were put on oral antibiotics. We are now on that and have been back to the doctor this week to give another urine sample. We are hoping that the sample will come back negative and then we have a couple of test that we will have to do. Thankfully they are outpatient test so we will just schedule them and be able to come home after they are complete. They really want to figure out why she is getting urinary track infections so young. Hopefully we will have more answers soon. Please pray for our precious baby and that nothing major is wrong with her. They are doing the test in order to find out if there is something wrong with her kidneys. We will keep you posted!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Uncle Ross Graduates from High School

Robert, Georgia Kate, and I left on Friday, May 22 and flew to Shreveport for Uncle Ross' graduation from Ruston High School. It was fun to fly together as a family and Georgia Kate was a complete angel on the plane. She did so well and everyone on the plane thought she was precious. We had a blast with friends and family! Congrats Uncle Ross...we are so proud of you!
We are so proud of Ross!!!!!!
We had some Canes before Ross went to his after graduation party

Ross and Daniel

Congrats Class of 2009!

Ross getting the American Legion Award.
Ross walking into the ceremony

Cooper wearing Uncle Ross' wn't be long until we are going to Cooper's graduation

Trying to get the hat straight
Ross getting ready to go to graduation

Meeting our Aunt Piper and Uncle Daniel and cousins, Cooper and Campbell

It was so much fun going to Ruston and meeting our cousins Campbell Bess and Cooper for the first time. It was so much fun being at Gogo and D-dan's house for a couple of days with family. we had a blast!

Aunt Piper and Uncle Daniel
Campbell meeting Georgia Kate. Campbell is nine months old. I hope that her and GKS will be best friends one day!

Campbell watching Georgia Kate. She did such a good job and just liked looking at baby Georgia Kate.

Cousin Cooper giving Georgia Kate a kiss on the head!