Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She's A Mess GK LOVES playing outside. I really like it to because she will play and play and never gets tired of it. I can't wait for the summertime. We are going to have a blast at the pool and the park with snocones or icees! much fun to be had.
Today GK had on an outfit that I adore. My sweet cousin Casey gave it to her for her first birthday. It is so precious on her and we think of our beautiful, sweet Addison when we put it on her. We went to Robert's cousins softball game this afternoon and Georgia Kate had a blast. She was best friends with everyone there by the end of the game and pitched a fit when we had to leave. She played and played with all the other kids that were there. She kept stealing the bag of goldfish from one of the little boys and I think that he really didn't like her. GK started her day off pretty nice and neat and looked like a doll. As you can tell through the picctures she got a little dirty. I love it though...she had fun, I had fun, and then we got to play in the bathtub when we got home. Cheers to a good day in Otown.

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The Tylers said...

Georgia Kate is all doll!!! And I am with you on playing outside. Isn't it a blast??? Enjoy this weather before it gets too hot. And I am loving the outfit:)