Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things From GK's First Birthday Party!

Ok...so here is the big birthday party! These were a few of my favorite pics of all the decorations and preparing for the big party! I couldn't have done the party without all the help from my precious friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped out and made it a special day for me and Georgia Kate!

These are two paintings that my father in law drew and my cousin painted. I thought they added an extra touch to the party!

I loved these balloons. The green wasn't the "perfect" color, but they were super cute!

I LOVE Styrofoam cups and had to have special ones for GK's first birthday.

And of course the napkins to match!

This was the main focus of the party! It was actually my favorite part. I love the poms!

Like I mentioned earlier, I love Styrofoam cups...so for the adults at the party we gave away cups! I had more adults than kids there. I actually didn't have a cute pic of the kids favor, but it was pretty cute. I gave a cupcake cookie cutter and a container of play dough!

Yea for poms I ordered off ETSY

The perfect cookies from none other than "Cookie Cousins".

The banner I made with my cricut!

I loved this party too...I did a picture from every month of GK's life. I put them in cute little green and pink tin cans that I found in the dollar section at Target!

The centerpieces for the tables

The smash cake!

This might be my favorite idea. I got the table cloth idea from a picture I had seen and then I decided to add the cupcake and the year. I plan on doing that around the bottom of the table cloth for all her birthdays. I will put the year and the theme of the party! Won't she love this when she gets older? I hope she does at least!

Amanda and Jimmy helping out

Maribeth fluffing the poms!

Hanging the poms

Gogo and I fixing the entrance way



The Reeders of Ruston said...

So cute Kristin! Everything was precious!

lindsey said...

Happy Birthday, Georgia Kate!!

Yes, Everything is SUPER cute!!! I LOVE poms too! I have been wondering how to hang them? I have had so much fun planning Anniston's party too...cannot believe these little girls are turning one! I love your flower-pot idea...so neat!

Karen said...

Cutest party and ideas! Found your blog through my friend Janet. Glad I found you!

Janet said...

I think you need to submit your party to www.creativepartyplace.com.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh!! I love gks first birthday! I just tons of good ideas!! I'm doing a cupcake theme because my mom nicknamed cate cupcate;) the party looked perfect!! So so cute!!!

ajc_tas said...

Hi I would love to talk to you about some of the things you had for Georgia Kate's party. I am doing my daughters 1st birthday in cupcakes and I love some of your ideas. Email me if you will please mandajo_05@yahoo.com