Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have an Aunt Sarah !

We can oficially say "WE HAVE AN AUNT SARAH!!!!". Yea!!!!! We are so excited about the news! Ryan, my brother, asked Sarah to marry him. Georgia Kate loves Aunt Sarah and can't wait for her to be in our family.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ryan! I love my Uncle Ryan so much and I am so excited about his news!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

you fixed your comments!!! i've just been reading in my google reader, but i'm so glad your comments are working.

congrats to sarah and ryan! how exciting!!!

i'm loving all the posts and updates. i miss ruston, too, even though my family isn't there anymore. GKS is so much fun. her little personality shines through in all the pictures.

please come for the florida game!

p.s. Aunt Beth told me to tell you that we "met." :)

Anonymous said...

Great job of catching up! Loved having yall in Ruston. Our sweet Georgia Kate is just precious and growing so much. Kristin you and Robert are such great parents. GK is a lucky little girl. Looking forward to another visit SOON!

love yall,

The Tylers said...

Cannot think of 2 more deserving people!! I am so happy for them and for your family. Glad you had a great trip to R town!