Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Visit with Gigi

Robert, Georgia Kate, and I traveled to Ruston, Louisiana last Thursday. We had been planning on going to the LSU/UF game in Baton Rouge for several weeks now. I was really excited at first and then I decided that I really just wanted to "Go Home". I love Ruston so much and miss it terribly. I wanted to go eat at Log Cabin, Shop at the "cute" little shops that they don't have here in Orlando, I wanted to walk into a store or restaurant and just know someone, but most of all I really wanted to see my family. I love them so much and miss them so bad!
Just recently my grandmother, who had lived with my family for 13 years, just moved into the Russ House. The Russ House is an assisted living facility. My mom, aunts, and cousins fixed up her room and made it into the perfect place for my grandmother. I wanted to be there so bad when they were moving her into the Russ House, but I couldn't make the trip. We even had a "ribbon cutting" for her. I know my family is crazy, but I love them so much!!!! With all this to say I got to go see Gr'Nana and her new pad! She loved seeing Georgia Kate and enjoyed being around her. Here are some pictures from our visit with my grandmother.

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