Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Evening Routine...So Much Fun!

We start our "getting ready for bed" routine around 6:00 every night. We keep it pretty much the same! Georgia Kate gets to eat a fun little melt away cookie while I get her dinner ready . We are eating all kinds of food for dinner. Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Carrots are just a few of our favorites! She is also eating apple rice cereal at every meal too in hopes that we gain a little bit of weight. She still has a hard time keeping it all down, but she is a WHOLE lot better. After dinner we are usually a mess...
So we head straight to the bath! We are still taking our bath in our little pink plastic tub that fits in the sink. We tried the big bathtub and I don't think that she was quite ready for that. She feels safe and secure in her little tub for now. She LOVES bath time!
She is getting to where she loves to play and spit bubbles and just be silly in the bath. I love that she is such a happy baby in the bathtub. I told Robert that we will probably be spending lots of time on our knees in the bathroom. I am sure that we will have to put a timer in there so she doesn't turn into a prune.

Then after bath time we get to play some more! I love this time of the night because it wipes away all the fussy time we had before now! She seems to be so happy after her bath and she is just so darn cute in her pajamas! I love pajamas!!!! She is crawling into our bedroom and I am sure that she was headed for trouble. We are having to watch every move she makes these days!

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