Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun day with Friends and Family

Tuesday was another rough day for Georgia Kate. She still was a little fussy and had a low grade fever. Those darn shots really mess her up. I think she is starting to feel better. She slept alot and even ate alot yesterday. She did have a special friend come over to visit her today. Robert's Aunt Holly has a precious little niece on the other side of the family name Kate Willey. I love her name and it fits her perfectly. She is a cute little girl. When planning her trip to Orlando to see her grandmother and Aunt Holly she made a list of all the things that she wanted to do while she was here. Well seeing/playing with Georgia Kate was on her list. So we set up a play date and Kate came over to play with Georgia Kate. Luckily she was on her best behavior. We laughed, played, and even took a short nap during Kate's visit. Kate also brought her a precious outfit for when she gets a little bigger. I can't wait for Georgia Kate to be able to wear this precious outfit.
Kate and Georgia Kate
Kate Willey, Georgia Kate, and Aunt Holly

Georgia Kate has started eating rice cereal and applesauce with a spoon. Robert has never been brave enough to feed her. Finally today I was cooking dinner and it was time for Georgia Kate to eat so he took the plunge and decided to feed her. It was a little messier than usual, but I think that Daddy and Daughter had a fun time eating!

Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Clint came over to eat dinner and see Georgia Kate tonight. We were at the beach for a week and then they went to North Carolina for a week so it had been a while since they have seen her. Aunt Maribeth was so excited to hold little Georgia Kate. She brought her back a special toy from a toy store that Uncle Clint used to go to when he visited North Carolina as a child. It was a teething ring and we put it in the freezer and we will bring it out later today for Georgia Kate to chew on since she is in the middle of teething. I know that it will feel good on her little gums that are so swollen. Thanks Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Clint.

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