Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under the Weather

Georgia Kate has been a little under the weather lately. A little over a week ago GKS started running a low grade fever. The fever would spike at night and then go away during the day. So finally on Monday I decided that I should call the doctor. Well...the doctor wanted us to come in since she had been running it for several days. They checked her ears, throat, and even tested her for RSV and the flu. Her ears were clear and everything else came back negative. SO!!!!! Where do we go from here. Well, the doctor decided to take a urine sample and test for a urinary track infection. The test came back positive in the office so they sent us to a pediatric clinic to put a catheter in her and take her blood. It was terrible!!!! Georgia Kate screamed for 45 minutes straight when they were trying to get her blood. It was so sad that I had to leave the room and my mom and Robert stayed with her and held her down while they continued to try to get blood. FINALLY after about 10 sticks they got enough blood to send off to be tested. We got a Rocefin shot that night in each leg and had to go back to the doctor on Tuesday and Wednesday to get shots as well. By Wednesday she had quit running a fever and we were put on oral antibiotics. We are now on that and have been back to the doctor this week to give another urine sample. We are hoping that the sample will come back negative and then we have a couple of test that we will have to do. Thankfully they are outpatient test so we will just schedule them and be able to come home after they are complete. They really want to figure out why she is getting urinary track infections so young. Hopefully we will have more answers soon. Please pray for our precious baby and that nothing major is wrong with her. They are doing the test in order to find out if there is something wrong with her kidneys. We will keep you posted!

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