Sunday, June 28, 2009

Georgia Kate's First Birthday Party!!!!!

Georgia Kate had her first birthday party to go to yesterday. It was a monkey themed party and GKS has the cutest pink and white striped dress with little hula monkeys smocked across the front. It was the PERFECT outfit for her to wear to the party. As you know I got very excited about it and so glad we a dress to wear to the party.
More about the was our friends Crissy and Eric's little boys first birthday. His name is Mckinley and he is precious. They have another little boy named Jamison that is just as cute! The kids got to make monkey cupcakes and of course play with all the fun toys. Georgia Kate was so good and had a great time. She just watched everything going on and even giggled a little bit. Then by the end of the party she was pooped. She sacked out and took a rest on Mommy's shoulder!
Georgia Kate taking a little rest at the end of the party! She was pooped!

A great shot of our precious little monkey dress!

Daddy and Georgia Kate

The birthday boy eating his cake!!!!

The family!

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