Friday, June 26, 2009

GKS Turns Over!!!!

Georgia Kate turned over today! YEA!!!!! Never thought I would get so excited about something so small. I just so happened to be walking into her room during her nap time to make sure all was OK. When I peeked over her bed to check on her she was wiggling around. I stayed and watched for a little bit thinking that her nap was coming to an end, which was depressing because she had not been asleep that long. I stayed and watched and she turned over on her side and then onto her back. I got so excited that I ran to the bed and probably scared her a little bit. She was so proud of herself though. She was just laughing. Of course I got on the phone and called Daddy to let him know about the big milestone in Georgia Kate's life. She is getting so big and soooooo much fun to play with.

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