Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Louisiana Christmas...Part One

We traveled to Ruston this year for Christmas and had so much fun being with my family during the holidays.  We left the Saturday before Christmas so we got to spend a whole week in Ruston visiting friends and family.  We had the best time just hanging out with the people we love.  Georgia Kate was a great traveler and she even did really well while we were away from home. Gogo enjoyed her specials morning "toon" time with Georgia Kate while she drank her coffee and Georgia Kate even got to open an occasional gift or two.  I must say that Georgia Kate hated to come back to reality!

This is Georgia Kate's new thing...she likes to make her "surprised" face!

 Georgia Kate loves her Aunt Sarah.  We are waiting so patiently for baby Kilpatrick to arrive.  We don't know what it is yet, but we will find out soon.  Sarah is going in on Thursday for an induction.  I know she and Ryan will be great parents.  I can't wait to be an aunt again!

Elfkin cam all the way to Ruston to watch Georgia Kate. She was so surprised to see the same elf at Gogo's house.  He even brought her some beignets one morning!

My sweet girl eating her breakfast! She loved all the cooking that Gogo did for her.  We had some of our very favorite things while we were in Ruston.

Georgia Kate is opening up one of her favorite Christmas gifts this year.  Gogo got her the Melissa and Doug cupcakes.  She loved them and they are such a good toy for kids to play with.  She also got the donuts from my aunt Missy and then the pizza from my Aunt Sherri.  She loves playing with all of them.  My sister in law got her the donuts too, but we exchanged them for some more Melissa and Doug toys.  Melissa and Doug toys were the hit at our house this Christmas

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Christy Groover said...

Sooo cute! Love all your Christmas pics! Just now catching up on reading everyone's blogs...:)

See you guys tomorrow!

- Christy