Monday, December 20, 2010

Tinkerbell and Christmas Trees!

I am so far behind on blogging so I thought I better catch up before Christmas day rolled around. Our sweet little girl is really into Tinkerbell these days!  She LOVES her!!!!  I am not really sure why she has become her new infatuation, but she definitely is her new best friend.  We figured this out one night when a Disney commercial came on and Tinkerbell went flying across the TV Georgia Kate went crazy!!!!!!  She left the room and went straight to her playroom.  Robert and I looked at each other asking "what in the world?"  She came back with her little plastic Tinkerbell figurine.  Ever since then Georgia Kate LOVES all things Tinkerbell. So...we get an ornament for her each year and this year she picked out a Tinkerbell ornament.  It is actually really cute when she runs to the tree to show everyone that graces our doors HER ornament.
She also loves our Christmas tree.  She runs into the room every morning to turn the lights on and as soon as we get home in the afternoon she runs straight to the tree and turns the lights on.  We have this cool little button she can push and poof they come on.  I couldn't pass up this sweet picture of her holding up her ornament! Doesn't she look precious!

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Rebecca said...

Catherine has the coat and hat too! They are so cute! Hope yall have a Merry Christmas!