Saturday, July 31, 2010

Suntan Toes Tickling The Sand...

Warning!!!!! Warning!!!! Picture Overload!!!! I am a terrible blogger. I sit down every night to finally post something on my blog and then I get carried away with every other blog that I am exhausted by the time I get to mine and nothing gets posted! So I am making a commitment to blog a little bit more. My main reason for blogging is to keep my family and friends that live far away from us updated on what is going on in our lives here in sunny Orlando, FL. I hate that my sweet mother, Georgia Kate's Gogo doesn't get to see her precious face every day so I try to post it on here every once in a while for her to see her in action. Well, my mother has been here for a month and we have had the time our lives. We have gone to the beach for the annual Pearce Beach Party. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sarah came and spent several days with us and we have done all sorts of fun things around Orlando. Gogo leaves tomorrow and we are so sad, but I guess we have to get back to normal and start getting ready for school and wrap up our summer. are some pics from the last part of our vacation to Destin, FL. We had the best time with all of our aunts and cousins. Yes...we do have on matching t-shirts on in some of these pictures. We are THAT family that buys matching t-shirts. I do have to say we are a lot of fun and our shirts are super cute! Enjoy the pics of GK and her sweet family. She was the star of the show and had a blast in the sand and water! She definitely was the queen of the castle.

Uncle Marshall and Georgia Kate
Best Family Photo we can get these days
Yes...we do have on matching shirts! Aren't we cute!

Me and cousin who is more like a sister to me

I love this picture of me and my girl

Giving out kisses...her favorite thing to do!
Ross and Mom

Meggie lets her do whatever she wants
Gogo and her girl
Aunt Sherri, Georgia Kate, Gogo, and Missy (These are my aunts, whom I love dearly)
The Family
Georgia Kate and Will, my cousin
Uncle Ross is always the cool Uncle!

My sweet cousins played in the sand with Georgia Kate

Do I have my hands full or what!

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