Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Vacation Part One

We just got back from Destin, FL. We went to the beach for a week with my mom and her family. We had the best time hanging out and just being with each other. We stayed in a house this year and it was great. The oil situation allowed us to get a great deal on the house so we decided it would be fun to be together. I have to say that I was really nervous about GK and her hating the beach, but she LOVED it! She thought it was the best thing ever and was outside the entire time she was awake. She loved the water and the sand! That's my girl! I will be posting more pictures! We took a ton.

Daddy and his girl

Georgia Kate and Gogo

Mom and Daughter time

I loved this pictre...sweet baby gir

She loved sitting in the chair. She is my true beach lover!

Sitting with Uncle Ross and Daddy

\Goodnight Kisses!

All the cousins celebrating Ross and Hunter
Ross and my cousins Reeves and Brandon. They are all the same age and go to LSU together
Ross and Mom
Me and Ross

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