Thursday, September 3, 2009

Katie Is Coming!!!!!!

I am so excited about Labor Day weekend. First of all I am excited about spending three whole days with my baby girl. I love my job and love what I do, but I do have to admit that leaving Georgia Kate is not easy. I think about her all day long and what she is doing. My sweet Mother in law and Annie Annie always send updates and pictures throughout the day. It makes it a little bit easier.
Ok...back to what I originally was posting about! KATIE CANNON is coming to visit me! I guess I should really say that Katie Cannon is coming to meet Georgia Kate. Katie Cannon was my college roommate, sister I never had, best friend, spiritual encourager, and the only person that can REALLY put me in my place. We lived together for two years and had the best time ever! I hate to admit it, but we would come home on Friday afternoons from class and put our pajama pants on and watch movies ALL night. On Saturday mornings I would always run to her room and jump in her bed and we would talk about life. She is the friend that everyone needs. I am so glad that Georgia Kate gets to meet her. I hope that her and GKS will become the best of friends. I am sure that Katie will be like another aunt to her! Can't wait to see my friend. I am like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come. I am sure I will post about our weekend. Come back for an update. Sorry no picture of Katie...I didn't have any saved on this computer.

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The Woodards said...

Tell Katie Cannon "HELLO"!!!!!!
I miss yall and our days on Sybil!!!!