Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Gogo!

Today is Gogo's birthday. I love birthday's and my mom always made them so special for me. I try every year to make my mom's birthday special for her even though I am so far away. This year with a new addition to our family I had so many great ideas for her. I got some of them done and others not so much. This morning I woke Georgia Kate up a little bit early so that I could take some pictures of her. I made a sign that said "Happy Birthday Gogo". Robert and I put a birthday hat on her and took several pictures to send to my mom. I think they are precious. Georgia Kate also sent Gogo some flowers to school today. It was a small bud vase from a small little girl. My mom said they were beautiful. She left them at school on her desk so she would have something happy to smile at tomorrow. We hope Gogo had a great day. We miss her terribly and can't wait to see her. This is the longest we have gone without seeing her. She will be here soon though! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOGO!


Anonymous said...

Precious!! I know your mom appreciated your creativity and love!!

The Tylers said...

AHHHH! I have to go tell her RIGHT now! I forgot yesterday:(!

Gogo said...

Such a great way to start a birthday! Thanks GK and thanks Kristin for being so thoughtful!! I smiled all day when I looked at my computer!!

Love yall