Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our "tutu" Cute Birthday Party Decorations

A couple of months ago I was browsing online and looking for 2nd birthday ideas and I came across a "tutu" birthday party.  I thought that was the cutest idea and couldn't wait to start planning Georgia Kate's 2nd birthday party.  I always like to start early because I knew my color scheme and picked up so many great decorations along the way.  I also caught a lot of good sales on party supplies!  As you can tell our color scheme was pink and orange and of course everyone had tutus and the boys even had ties!
The front door

I made this ribbon topiary and loved it! I thought it added so much to the table where our sweet friends would sign GK's birthday book. 

Karah made this adorbale banner for Georgia Kate.  She did such a good job and it added so much to the party decorations!

My mother in law made tuts for all the girls and ties for all the boys.  Everyone looked so cute with their party attire on!

My beautiful Mom with the best balloons in the world. If you live in the Orlando area Ballons-N-More is a great resource for party balloons.  I used Patti last year for Georgia Kate's birthday party and couldn't wait to see them again this year.  I LOVE the squiggles!

This is the center pieces for all the tables.  I got the cute party sticks from Sweet Birdies Nest on etsy.  Erin gave me their info and they did a great job designing just what I wanted to GK's party.

Our potted plants even matched the color scheme!

A friend of mine made the cake and it turned out adorable! My cousin painted the picture for Georgia Kate and it was a perfect addition for cake table!


lindsey said...

So precious! You did such a great job, Kristen! Love the theme and colors. Can't believe these girls are turning two now!!

The Tylers said...

You did GREAT! Hope y'all have a fun beach trip!!

Janet said...

Everything looks great! You are so talented.

Briley Cotton said...

Kristin, you are so talented! Everything was precious :).

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