Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking Down the Middle of Maint Street USA!

My precious baby girl loved Disney as much as I do. Robert and I bought the tickets because there is a deal going on for Florida residents. We can go 4 times for $100. may see more post of Georgia Kate at Disney. We had a blast our first time there. I cna't wait to go back with her.
The priceless face of Georgia Kate while riding "It's a Small World". She loved it and that was her face the entire tim.

Mickey and Minnie

Sweet little girl playing with her hat!

Georgia Kate got to meet the princesses.

Mommy and her girl. I think that Georgia Kate loves Disney as much as I do!

It was soooooo cold! We thought it was going to warm up, but it only got colder! Luckily we were bundled up.

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lindsey said...

What a great deal...I'm jealous! Georgia Kate is just beautiful!!